Medication Assistance Programs

The Rockbridge Area Health Center offers reduced cost medications to patients through the Medication Assistance Program and the 340B Drug Discount Program, with the most appropriate program varying from person to person depending upon their situation.

Medication Assistance Program

Our Medication Assistance Program (MAP) is administered by a Certified Pharmacy Technician and helps patients without prescription drug coverage by providing medications from pharmaceutical companies for an annual administrative fee of $40.

The MAP Program saves patients large amounts of money on their prescriptions. Patients usually get referred to the MAP program through their medical provider at RAHC. 

To Qualify for MAP you must:

  • Be without prescription coverage
  • Be prescribed the medication by an RAHC provider
  • Pay the $40 administrative fee
  • Meet federal income guidelines (depending on the drug company)
  • Follow your provider’s instructions regarding periodic re-evaluations, lab work, etc.

For questions about our MAP Program, please contact our MAP Coordinator at (540) 464-8700, x7114.

340B Drug Discount Program

We offer insured and uninsured patients huge discounts on medications through our 340B Drug Discount Program in partnership with Lexington Prescription Center

To receive the discount:

  • The medication must be prescribed by a current RAHC provider
  • The medication must be prescribed by a specialist we’ve referred you out to (be sure to bring your voucher)
  • Filled at Lexington Prescription Center

Transferring your prescription is easy, call the pharmacy at (540) 463-9166 and ask them to move your prescriptions.

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