Mary is a 29-year-old female.She is married with three children ranging from 2-8 years of age. She and her husband are currently uninsured and under the 100% poverty level.  Her children have Medicaid.  She, however, is a chronic emergency room visitor.  At one point, she and her family went to the ER eight times in one month. After being seen by RAHC, her family has only utilized the ER one time.  She and her family are currently being seen at RAHC for there medical, dental, behavioral health, and women’s health needs


William came to RAHC through our behavioral health department with an alcohol use disorder. He was un-employed and experiencing major depression. He also had unmanaged diabetes and no health insurance. William qualified for Medicaid GAP which allowed him to obtain full primary and behavioral health care and medications at RAHC. He has since become sober, successfully manages his diabetes, his depression scores on the have gone from 23 (severe depression) to 6 (mild depression) AND he has also obtained full-time employment. He was able to be discharged from our professional counselor’s care in Dec 2017 after 14 months in counseling and maintains his routine primary care at RAHC.


Wayne is in his mid-50s took time away from his full-time job to finally schedule a new patient appointment with the RAHC medical team. The providers quickly discovered that this patient was on dialysis.  They also found that a large part of Wayne’s  medical problem was that he was not taking his life-saving medications that he was unable to afford. Because he worked full-time he did not qualify for medication assistance programs and his medications cost over $250 a month. He had little hope for the future.  The RAHC Medication Assistance Coordinator worked diligently to find a solution and was able to find a prescription voucher that would help to cover the cost of the medications. Wayne is now only paying $4 a month for his medication and is living a full and healthier life.


Loretta is a 79-year old widow who retired after working over 40 years.She now collects her Social Security benefits and is on a fixed income.  She was very worried about her monthly expenses, especially since she has COPD and requires expensive life-saving medications.  As a RAHC patient, Loretta is able to participate in the RAHC Medication Assistance Program and pays only $40 a year for her lifesaving medications.


RAHC’s Certified Nurse Midwife just began overseeing the new RAHC prenatal care program. Emily was one of the first OB patients that enrolled in the program.  Emily had lost her medical insurance at 12 weeks of pregnancy and with no insurance, she did not seek prenatal care from 12 to 34 weeks because she could not afford it.  The Outreach and Enrollment team was able to help her enroll in  Medicaid for pregnant women.  With this insurance, she was brought up to date with pregnancy tests and other OB care.  Emily was then able to deliver a healthy baby boy at UVA without financial burdens.

Hunter Defense Technologies (HDT)

Hunter Defense Technologies (HDT), a large factory in Buena Vista, announced it would close in early 2017. With this announcement, the RAHC Outreach and Enrollment Team was quickly on site providing education and insurance enrollment assistance to those employees who were being laid off.  “The employees we assisted were some of the hardest working people we have met, and it was an honor to be able to provide support to men and women facing the possibility of being uninsured for the first time in their adult lives,” said Kelly Balthaser, Support Services Manager.  “After having job-based coverage for the last 10-20 years, RAHC was there to help them enroll in insurance through the Affordable Care Act to ensure they would not have a lapse in coverage,” she added.  With so many unknowns on the horizon, these employees had a true sense of relief knowing they would remain insured and be able to meet their health care needs.


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