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Suzanne Sheridan

As a community health center with a charitable mission, the Rockbridge Area Health Center provides quality care, at a community level, for anyone walking through the door. The Health Center has responded to several crises by adding doctors and other health care providers, introducing prenatal services, expanding pediatric services, and adding medical and dental services in Buena Vista.

One of the characteristics that separates community health centers from other health care practices is that the patients have direct input on the services and care provided. Every year, community health centers report on their quality outcomes and services. It is notable that our Health Center achieved the highest level of recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home every year since 2017. In addition, RAHC was recognized nationally for the quality care provided and for how we seek to improve access to health care services. Please consider a donation so that we will continue to be prepared, with your support, to respond and react to the next health care crisis. Personally, I am immensely grateful to the Rockbridge community and all of those who have traveled this 30-year journey with us- from Free Clinic to Community Health Center. Thank you all – very much.

-Suzanne Sheridan, CEO

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