Support Services

As a Community Health Center, we offer a variety of non-clinical support, from additional savings on services, to discounts on medications, health insurance eligibility and enrollment support, outreach in the community, and much more. 

Sliding Fee Discount Program

RAHC offers additional savings on medical, dental and behavioral health services through the Sliding Fee Discount Program based on household size and income. Patients with and without insurance are encouraged to apply. Learn more here.

Medication Assistance Program

RAHC offers 2 discount programs for prescriptions to patients: the 340B Drug Discount Program through a partner pharmacy, Lexington Prescription Center, and the Medication Assistance Program which is administered by a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Learn more here

Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance

RAHC has Certified Application Counselors that provide assistance with insurance enrollment such as the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid/FAMIS.  Appointments are free and open to the public.  You do not need to be a patient to schedule an appointment.  

Referral Coordination

As a primary care practice, RAHC refers patients to medical specialists when needed. The full-time Referral Coordinator  is available to help schedule these appointments and ensures that all of the medical information comes back to your provider.  Patients without insurance will be referred out to practices that offer financial assistance.  RAHC also has a full-time Dental Referral Coordinator. 

Patient Services

RAHC’s Patient Services Coordinator works to connect patients with area resources to help with varying needs – food, clothing, housing, utilities, support groups, reduced-rate exercise programs, affordable/free durable medical equipment, accessibility issues and more – as requested by the patient and/or determined by the health care provider. 

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